Aerospace applications

Aerospace technology applications

公司现已形成以“天地一体化信息技术”国家重点实验室为引领,以军事用天、智慧城市、军民融合三型业务为核心,以卫星通信、卫星导航、卫星遥感、云计算与信息安全、无人机为支撑的完整业务架构,为国防、行业、区域、国际用户提供基于天基资源的综合信息化整体解决方案,以及系统集成、设备制造和系统运营服务,业务覆盖全国及亚、非、拉美等30余个国家和地区。 Summary: The company has now formed a national key laboratory of "integrated space-ground information technology", with three types of services: military space, smart cities, military-civilian integration, and satellite communications, satellite navigation, satellite remote sensing, cloud computing, and A complete business architecture supported by information security and drones, providing comprehensive information-based integrated solutions based on space-based resources, as well as system integration, equipment manufacturing, and system operation services for defense, industry, regional, and international users. More than 30 countries and regions including Asia, Africa and Latin America.       

Satellite remote sensing:

The company has the capabilities of remote sensing satellite ground application system solution design, equipment manufacturing and system integration, and operation and service capabilities. It can provide users with a full industrial chain solution for remote sensing satellite data reception, processing, application, and service, as well as supporting software and hardware equipment. The company is the main supporting unit of the national remote sensing satellite system planning demonstration. It has a remote sensing data receiving center and a data processing and application center. It can provide military and civilian users with solutions for receiving, processing, and applying the entire industrial chain of remote sensing satellite data. It is widely used in forestry. , Meteorology, land and resources, water conservancy, environmental protection, disaster reduction, mapping, cultural relics protection and other fields.

Satellite Communications:

技术水平国际先进,服务于政府行业部门,并已出口海外;公司是全国卫星通信动中通产品的主流供货商, Ku/Ka双频动中通天线已经进入全军列装市场;公司是国内领先的武器综合电子和数据链产品提供商。 The company has core technologies such as mobile broadband satellite communications, integrated satellite integrated network management, information security and confidential transmission. The company ’s domestically-developed satellite communication system, Anovo , has advanced international technology, serves government departments, and has been exported overseas. The company It is a mainstream supplier of satellite communications products in China. Ku / Ka dual-frequency antennas have entered the military installation market. The company is a leading domestic provider of integrated electronics and data link products for weapons.

satellite navigation:

应用 ”的综合应用模式,多个重大空军武器型号实现批产;在民用导航领域,以“星地基高精度导航技术和应用”为重点,形成了“ 终端产品+平台+应用 ”的一站式用户解决方案,面向海洋、农业等行业进行推广。 The company is the main supplier of military navigation products. In the field of weapons and equipment navigation, based on anti-interference navigation and positioning technology, it has gradually formed a comprehensive application model of " terminal products + applications ", and a number of major air force weapon models have been mass-produced; In the field of civil navigation, focusing on "star-ground-based high-precision navigation technology and applications", a one-stop user solution of " terminal products + platform + applications " has been formed, and it is promoted to marine, agricultural and other industries.

Cloud Computing and Information Security:

性能指标能够达到业内主流产品同等水平,在安全性能上领先于国际两大品牌CitrixVmware ,通过权威机构的评测认证。 Independently developed distributed virtualized cloud operating system and big data basic service platform performance indicators can reach the same level as the mainstream products in the industry, leading the security performance of the two major international brands Citrix and VMware , passed the evaluation and certification of authoritative institutions.

(证书编号:国保测2017C05922 ),成为首批符合涉密网络相关标准要求的虚拟化产品之一。 The distributed virtualization cloud operating system officially passed the National Security Technology Evaluation Center's Security and Secret Product Testing (Certificate No .: Guobao Test 2017C05922 ), and became one of the first virtualization products to meet the requirements of relevant standards related to confidential networks.

,跻身国内大数据基础平台厂商前列。 The data foundation service platform officially passed the fifth batch of big data product basic capability evaluations of the Data Center Alliance , and ranked among the top domestic big data foundation platform vendors .

UAV system integration and service

数据产品、遥感数据专题分析产品,服务于海洋监测、电力、林业、石油、环保监测、应急测绘等行业领域。 UAVs are used as platforms to provide users with real-time monitoring data, 4D data products, and remote sensing data thematic analysis products through low-altitude remote sensing multi-source data acquisition, transmission, and processing, serving marine monitoring, power, forestry, petroleum, environmental monitoring, Emergency surveying and mapping industries. The company has the ability to develop single drone products, system integration, operation services and drone driver training. 个独立运营的专业机组,具备全机型作业能力;作业空域覆盖海洋、城市至西藏5000米高原均获授权的空域使用,业务覆盖29省份,是全国唯一一家取得五大战区适航资格的单位。 It has 12 independently operated professional crews with full-type operating capabilities; the operating airspace covers the sea, the city is authorized to use the airspace of 5000 meters in Tibet, and the business covers 29 provinces. It is the only company in China that has obtained airworthiness qualifications for the five major theaters unit.

Integrated Satellite Operation Services

The company's ground station in Yungang is one of the major large-scale integrated satellite ground stations in Beijing. It is mainly engaged in satellite radio and television transmission, satellite communication services, satellite measurement and control, and satellite orbit monitoring.With the uplink license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is a satellite-TV central earth station designated by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and is the only export earth station for CCTV satellite radio and television. The program's safe broadcast rate is always greater than 99.9999% .

Smart City

The company takes advantage of its integration of space, air and ground technology to provide information solutions for industries and regions. With the overall planning and design of smart city construction, system engineering organization, a variety of information collection, data storage, analysis, and mining capabilities, it provides information systems and operational services for smart city, park, and national area planning. In-depth cooperation with local governments in Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, and Guangdong has formed a number of platforms and products that can be replicated and promoted.

global cooperation:

    The strategic goal is to build the company into a world-class comprehensive aerospace enterprise.